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How Huntress Can Complement – Not Complicate – Your Security Stack


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How Huntress Can Complement – Not Complicate – Your Security Stack

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There’s a common misconception in cybersecurity that more = better. Many businesses often flock to buy additional tools or add on more layers in hopes of better protection. But here’s our hot take: What really matters is having the right security layers, not having the most.

This is easier said than done, especially in the face of a major cyber attack. People will always ask themselves, “what can I do to make sure that doesn’t happen to me or my business?” And many vendors are quick to insinuate that they’re the one-size-fits-all solution, flouting taglines like The End of Cyberattacks or Defeating Every Attack. Every Second. Every Day. 

It’s catchy marketing, but it sets an unrealistic expectation. 

At Huntress, we believe in doing security the right way, not the flashy way. We aim to complement and strengthen your existing security layers—or even provide a solid foundational platform to build a solid cybersecurity stack. Building Huntress around the specific needs and pain points of our customers has made us the most complementary security platform for the SMB.

The Managed Security Platform

So what’s so special about Huntress and our platform? Well, our Managed Security platform is built from the ground up to support small and mid-market businesses and the third-party resellers that manage their infrastructure needs. 

We all know that cybersecurity doesn’t work when businesses are putting all of their eggs in a single basket. Effective security requires a layered approach that provides defensive coverage across the entire lifecycle of an attack. 

By offering an increasing number of these layers, The Huntress Managed Security Platform continues to add more value and extend both the depth and width of our partners’ security capabilities—all in a streamlined and accessible way that doesn’t add unnecessary complexity to their daily operations.

Said another way, we build with our partners' needs in mind. Here are some ways we make security simple and accessible:

  • We complement your toolset with powerful technical capabilities and features that don’t conflict with your existing systems
  • We complement your workforce with a team of 24/7 threat hunters and true cyber experts that address knowledge and skill gaps
  • We complement whatever existing cyber knowledge you have with hands-on training, education, events and other resources
  • We don’t complicate your defensive abilities with hard-to-use tools that demand cyber expertise
  • We don’t complicate your operations with confusing billing, weak documentation or lousy support
  • We don’t complicate your cyber response efforts by shifting blame, pointing fingers or idly standing by when something is on fire

Built for the 99%

Huntress is built from the ground up to secure the 99%—the businesses that need it most. We deliver a unique combination of features, support and expertise that map directly to the cyber gaps found in today’s SMB. And the best part? We’re able to do it at a cost that makes sense and via a platform that anyone can use.

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We purposefully built The Huntress Managed Security Platform to equip our partners—including non-security IT professionals—with the ability to swiftly and accurately mitigate threats.

At the center of it all is our ThreatOps team. Along with 24/7 threat hunting, this team of always-on experts looks into potential threats, analyzes hacker tradecraft, creates incident reports, provides remediation steps for cyber threats and a degree of expertise and support that software-only solutions simply can’t match.

If our team reviews anything that we deem malicious, a handwritten incident report (which is actually verified by a member of our ThreatOps team) is immediately sent with essential information and recommended steps to act on depending on the severity of the threat. We’ll only send alerts to our partners once a threat has been verified and some action is required—allowing us to remove false positives and eliminate the clutter found in other platforms. 

In addition to enabling our partners with top-notch support and hands-on help when it’s needed, we also build our platform and roadmap with our partners at the center. The features we invest in—and the way we build them—are specifically designed to address the gaps and pressures our partners are facing as attacks continue evolving. We’re constantly listening, capturing feedback, running beta tests and more. 

Our overall goal is to make life easier for defenders and harder for attackers. It’s why Huntress is built to complement—not complicate—our partners’ daily operations and deliver on our mission to secure the 99%.

Interested in learning more? Read up on our managed security platform here. Or if you want to dive right in, you can go ahead and book a demo to see Huntress in action!

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