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The Huntress Managed Security Platform

The Huntress Managed Security platform is how businesses can quickly deploy and manage real-time protection for endpoints, email, and employees from a single dashboard.

Why Choose a Managed Security Platform?

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Hackers see small and mid-sized businesses as easy targets, and they’re under siege. There’s only so much businesses can do on their own. How can SMBs balance protecting their data, employees, and finances with everything else on their plate?

Huntress is how. The Huntress Managed Security Platform is built for SMBs and backed by expert partnerships across IT providers, resellers, and mid-sized organizations. We provide fully managed detection and response, 24/7 security operations monitoring, and best-in-class security awareness training.

One Dashboard Is All You Need
to Fight Threats

Our dashboard combines the power of our Managed Security Platform and 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), giving you a complete view of your organization. From your dashboard, you get immediate access to:

  • Security alerts
  • Active incidents and investigations
  • Remediation tools
  • Real-time reporting
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Huntress Security Platform Dashboard

How Huntress Protects Your Business

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Detect We detect when attackers abuse legitimate software, bypass security tools, or deploy payloads like malware and ransomware.
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Analyze Our 24/7 SOC reviews activity and provides easy-to-understand incident reports explaining the scope and severity of threats.
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Respond Isolate endpoints and remediate threats with both one-click approval for automated actions, and clear instructions for manual tasks.
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Report Accurately measure and convey the value you get from Huntress with detailed summaries and branded reports.
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"During the trial process, we made enough money to pay for Huntress for three months—it paid for itself within two days. We’ve worked closely with a lot of the different teams from Huntress, and everybody’s awesome! They’re probably our favorite vendor to work with.”
Frank D
“We rolled out Huntress to our entire base of 90+ customers over the course of 30 days at the beginning of the pandemic. We wanted to ensure that every endpoint was protected as the work-from-anywhere model became dominant. Today, we can rest assured knowing that the Huntress team plays a vital role in our cybersecurity stack.”
Charles 1
"We pushed Huntress out to four different clients. What we found was that one site was clean, two sites had remnants, and one site had a RAT. That was eye-opening to us, and we knew we needed to install this for every one of our clients."

Defend Against Threats

Deploy in just minutes to protect endpoints, email environments, and identities from threats—all backed by our 24/7 Security Operations Center. Start today with a free trial.

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