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Protect Your Customers and Grow Your Margins

VARs often have a number of security solutions in their tool belt – but which ones are actually helping you grow your business?

As bad actors set their sights on small and mid-sized businesses, Huntress is the perfect complement to your cyberstack. It’s ridiculously easy to install, helps protect against a wide variety of cyberattacks and threats, and it’s backed by a team of 24/7 experts who take care of the heavy lifting for you.

Huntress for Value Added Resellers

Backed by Experts

Huntress acts as an extension of your workforce with a 24/7 team of threat hunters, security analysts, and support staff who provide the expertise you need to defend against modern threats – at a fraction of the price of hiring top talent in-house. More value, less workload.

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    Lofi platform

    Delivered by You, Powered by Huntress

    Hackers are targeting your customers – it’s time to fight back. Discover the power of managed cybersecurity backed by a 24/7 Security Operations Center.

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    Partner Testimonials

    Keenan ClineGlitch effect

    "During the trial process, we made enough money to pay for Huntress for three months—it paid for itself within two days. We’ve worked closely with a lot of the different teams from Huntress, and everybody’s awesome! They’re probably our favorite vendor to work with.”

    Keenan Cline

    Lightbulb Networks

    Chris LoehrGlitch effect

    “We partnered with Huntress more than two years ago and haven’t had a single regret. Huntress’ capabilities to seek out threats on the endpoint, investigate them quickly and provide remediation recommendations provides my team with an incredible weapon to deal with live incidents and protect our customers. The agent is incredibly small, no tuning is required and the pricing makes it easy to package and sell to even the stingiest customers.”

    Chris Loehr

    Solis Security

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    “We are partnering with Huntress to fill a void that antivirus and our other security endpoint solutions have left open. The value and peace of mind that comes with their product cannot be overstated.”

    Jesse Roberts

    Dominant Systems Corporation

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    The Huntress Managed Security Platform

    What small- to mid-sized businesses and MSPs alike are saying about Huntress Managed EDR.

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    G2 Award - EDR - Leader Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Usability Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Results Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Relationship Spring 2024
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    Protect What Matters

    Fight hackers and protect your customers with Huntress’ suite of security solutions—backed by our 24/7 SOC.

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