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Huntress vs. Sophos

See why small and midsize businesses choose Huntress Managed EDR over Sophos Intercept X.

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What Purpose-Built Security For SMBs Looks Like

Transparent, All-In-One Pricing

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Fully managed EDR without needing extra tiers. You know exactly what you’re getting with Huntress: 24/7 coverage and management without requiring add-ons.



Sophos requires you to buy an additional SKU to get 24/7 management. Additional upgrades are needed for server coverage and full incident response capabilities.

Lightweight & Quiet

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The Huntress agent is incredibly lightweight, needing less than 1% CPU and barely any RAM or storage. Our combination of technology and expert analysis results in a 0.7% false positive rate.



Sophos Intercept X ranked 15th out of 16 vendors for performance impact according to AV-Comparatives**. They also ranked 15th out of 16 vendors for false positives.

Total Cost of Ownership

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Built for small and mid-size businesses and managed service providers. Our Managed EDR and 24/7 SOC comes at a single price you can afford without compromising quality.



Requires an enterprise-level budget to afford the same full coverage that Huntress Managed EDR offers.

Ease of Use

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Huntress is partner-friendly with clear billing, integrations with ticketing systems, and top-rated support*. Our streamlined dashboard and easy-to-understand remediation reports enable non-cyber experts to remedy issues with detailed, accessible instructions.



Sophos is complex to manage and requires either deep expertise to run in-house or a high-cost MDR purchase to achieve 24/7 monitoring. Users report frustration dealing with their support team***.

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Highly Rated by Verified Users

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Highly Rated by Verified Users

See how Huntress Managed Security compares to enterprise-first platforms like Sophos - reviewed by business just like yours.

5 star rating review
4.9/5 based on hundreds of reviews
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Unmasking Cyber Villians

There’s always something new in the world of tradecraft and cyber threats. For small and medium-sized businesses though, these surprises are never welcome. But when you have a trusted partner at your side, you can be ready. See how Cascade Technologies was notified about the presence of a remote access Trojan, and how the Huntress 24/7 security operations team was able to respond before there was any serious damage.


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“When Huntress calls, we answer because we know that’s the call that matters. We don’t have the luxury of having team members comb through logs and events all day. We need to be able to focus our attention on other priorities, and Huntress enables us to do that.”

Edward Griffin, Partner

Intelligent Technical Solutions

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“Huntress isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of tool; Huntress is set it and know it works, and when it finds something we’re notified. I don’t need to train my team how to look for that stuff—we have access to talent beyond what we’ve been able to bring onto our team ourselves."

Lyf Wildenberg, Co-Founder and CEO

Mytech Partners

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“I sleep better when my clients are being protected with Huntress. Huntress helps us by looking for persistent footholds in a network that antivirus just doesn't catch. We're getting a lot of the benefits of a bigger EDR platform for an extremely reasonable price."

Dylan Sauce, Chief Information Officer

Innovative Communication Systems

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The Huntress Managed Security Platform

What small- to mid-sized businesses and MSPs alike are saying about Huntress Managed EDR.

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Get Security Built for SMBs

Defend yourself with a platform custom-built for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Use Huntress Managed EDR to stop threats in real time without the cost or noise of other EDR tools.

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