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Huntress delivers a powerful suite of managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities—backed by a team of 24/7 threat hunters—to protect your business from today’s determined cybercriminals.

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Intrusion removal in 30 minutes? Huntress wants to show you how it’s possible with 24/7 ThreatOps.

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Safety Net
Huntress protects your business throughout the modern attack lifecycle—defending against threats like ransomware, malicious footholds, and more.
Add ThreatOps to Your Arsenal
Our security experts take care of the heavy lifting with 24/7 threat hunting, world-class support and step-by-step instructions to stop advanced attacks.
Cut Through the Noise

We review all suspicious activity and only send an alert when a threat is verified or action is required—eliminating the clutter and false positives found in other platforms. 

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With one-click remediation, handwritten incident reports and powerful integrations, even non-security staff can use Huntress to swiftly respond to cyber events.

The Huntress Managed
Security Platform

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Discover hacker tradecraft, elevate your security expertise and have more actionable client conversations. Watch webinars, read eBooks and more.

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James Otis VP of Technical Services
The alert from Huntress gave us a clear understanding of [the banking trojan] we were dealing with and which user was affected, which made it easy for us to respond right away. The platform truly delivered in this scenario—we were able to disconnect the machine and reset every password the user was tied to—all within twenty minutes of receiving the initial alert.”
Anthony Cabral Clear Guidance Partners
With Huntress ThreatOps, we have some of the best minds in cybersecurity at our disposal. They help us validate incidents, handle them and also level up our own knowledge. With the context and information included in their personalized reports, any tier one technician can easily understand what threats have been detected and take the appropriate next steps—it’s been a great force multiplier for us.”
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Keenan Kline Lightbulb Networks
During the trial process, we made enough money to pay for Huntress for three months—it paid for itself within two days. We’ve worked closely with a lot of the different teams from Huntress, and everybody’s awesome! They’re probably our favorite vendor to work with.”
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