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Stop Mac Hacks In Their Tracks

As your business grows and incorporates more macOS devices, you're moving beyond basic built-in security, which increasingly can't keep up with sophisticated cyber threats. Huntress Managed EDR for macOS is here to change the game. Our solution is tailor-made for macOS challenges, offering advanced protection where it counts. It's super easy to set up, and with our 24/7 Security Operations Center, we're like an extension of your team sniffing out hackers and stopping them in their tracks before they can do any real damage—keeping your operations safe without you having to sweat the security stuff.

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When Attackers Hide. We Hunt.

At Huntress, we don’t believe in playing defense; we take the battle straight to the attackers. Our team is stacked with macOS experts who are constantly developing purpose-built threat detections. Plus, our macOS investigators are always on their toes, ready to chase down the first whisper of a breach. Their goal? To slam the door shut on threats before attackers even know what hit them.

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When They Hack, We’ve Got Your Back

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Key Capabilities

Pulling back the covers reveals what really makes a solution tick. Here’s a look at the features that make it easy to protect your systems with Managed EDR for macOS.

Consider Our Team a Part of Yours.

We navigate the intricacies of protecting your macOS endpoints at their most vulnerable moments, providing the backing of a dedicated SOC who serve as an extension of your team, day in and day out.

What AV misses, Our EDR Doesn’t.

Our endpoint agent is tailored to the distinctive needs of macOS, offering essential endpoint visibility that illuminates elusive and opportunistic threats that have bypassed automated prevention.

When Attackers Hide, We Hunt.

Our macOS-trained threat hunters vigilantly monitor your endpoints around the clock, meticulously investigating each potential threat to make certain nothing slips through the cracks.

We Let You Focus You On the Needles, Not the Haystack.

Our quality assurance processes ensure you only respond to verified threats by eliminating time-consuming false positives that distract you from the things that really need to get done.

We Help You Act  Before Impact.

We ensure you're always one step ahead of hackers by neutralizing threats for you, helping eliminate their presence and strengthening your defenses against the initial attack vector.

What’s In It For You?

You're probably wondering, "What's in it for me?" We understand. Let's get straight to the point and highlight what you'll gain from our service—and just as importantly, what you won't be dealing with, like endless alerts and false positives.

24/7 Security. 24/7 Peace of Mind.

Rest easy knowing your macOS endpoints are being monitored around the clock.

See Everything. Miss Nothing.

Swiftly pinpoint hard-to-detect threats tailored to exploit macOS blind spots.

Skip the Noise, Not the Threat

Act only on the threats that pose a real risk to your operations.

Halt Hackers in Their Tracks

Preemptively stop attacks before they can cause irreparable damage.

Avoid the Hassle of Managing EDR

We’ll focus on the threats. You focus on other priorities.

Gain Enterprise Security at Economical Costs

Enhance your security capabilities without breaking your budget.

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Buyer Beware…
Not All macOS EDR Solutions Are Created Equal

Lots of companies say they protect macOS systems, but not all of them can back it up. We're all about calling BS where we see it, let’s take a look at what really sets our solution apart.


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Native macOS agent enables seamless integration and profound visibility into macOS endpoints.

Other Solutions


Poor compatibility sacrifices critical downstream capabilities needed for threat detection and investigation

Threat Detection

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Dedicated macOS developers carefully tailor detections to ensure attacks don’t go unnoticed.



Generic detections leave blind spots that expose your macOS endpoints to imminent risk.


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Specially trained macOS threat hunters use novel techniques to identify stealthy attackers.



Inadequate investigative capabilities let attackers hide in the shadows.

False Positive

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Meticulous investigation processes confirm the presence of attackers, ensuring action is only taken on validated threats.



Overwhelms your team with a flood of alerts distracting you from real threats and other priorities.

Containment & Remediation

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Takes action on your behalf to stop the spread of attackers and eliminate their presence before damage can occur.



Extends threat actor dwell time giving them ample opportunity to complete their objectives.

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Eliminate Active Threats and Fight Hackers

Handle hackers with confidence using Managed EDR. Try Huntress for free and see the difference our platform can make in your security strategy.

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