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Level Up Your Defense in 15 Minutes

Get NFR Huntress Licenses with the Neighborhood Watch Program

Threat actors are getting smarter, faster, and more connected. If MSPs are going to keep up, they need to do the same.

The Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program is designed to empower MSPs like you with the tools and resources you need to fortify your defenses, protect your own environment, and propel your business forward.

The program includes "internal use" NFR licenses of Huntress to give you immediate access to our powerful suite of managed security solutions. This includes Managed EDR to proactively protect your internal endpoints, Security Awareness Training to strengthen your team's cyber acumen, and our newest addition, MDR for Microsoft 365 to defend against business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

By joining the Neighborhood Watch, you can:

  • Level up your internal security in just 15 minutes, at no cost
  • Gain the backing of our expert SOC team for 24/7 coverage
  • Tap into a wealth of collective threat intel and insights
  • Rest easy knowing Huntress has your back

The Neighborhood Watch Program isn't just about software; it's about a shared commitment to safeguarding what matters most. Whether you’re a Huntress Partner or not, we will protect you so you can better protect your clients.

To learn more, simply fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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“During the trial process, we made enough money to pay for Huntress for three months—it paid for itself within two days. We’ve worked closely with a lot of the different teams from Huntress, and everybody’s awesome! They’re probably our favorite vendor to work with.”

Keenan Cline, CTO

Lightbulb Networks

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"We pushed Huntress out to four different clients. What we found was that one site was clean, two sites had remnants, and one site had a RAT. That was eye-opening to us, and we knew we needed to install this for every one of our clients."

Charles Henson, Owner

Nashville Computer

Frank DGlitch effect

“We rolled out Huntress to our entire base of 90+ customers over the course of 30 days at the beginning of the pandemic. We wanted to ensure that every endpoint was protected as the work-from-anywhere model became dominant. Today, we can rest assured knowing that the Huntress team plays a vital role in our cybersecurity stack.”

Frank M. Debenedetto

Two River Technology Group

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