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Don’t Become a Cyber Attack Statistic

Old-school security awareness training programs don’t cut it anymore. Maintaining them takes a ton of work, and they don’t actually make you more secure.

Huntress Security Awareness Training is different. Deployment takes just minutes and can be fully managed by our security experts – from lesson curation to managed phishing simulations. You can also manage it internally with little effort. Our series of memorable, story-based episodes from award-winning animators keep learners engaged and ensure security awareness lessons are retained.

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Security Awareness Training Product Example
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Training Overview

Empower Your Users

Ready your teams with memorable, engaging, and story-based content. Huntress security experts design lessons using the real-world threats we see every day in our SOC, so you can identify attacks and keep your organization safe. Our training works for businesses of any size and for users of any technical expertise.

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Managed Phishing

Simulated Phishing Scenarios

Huntress Security Awareness Training (SAT) is backed by the same experts who manage security for 100k+ organizations. When you opt in to Managed Phishing, you can enjoy a hands-off experience where our security experts design, curate, and schedule phishing simulations for your learners on an ongoing basis.

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SAT Product - Phishing Defense Coaching
Managed Phishing

Phishing Defense Coaching

Elevate your learners, even after a phishing scenario compromise. Phishing Defense Coaching walks learners who clicked on a phishing scenario through where they went wrong and how to identify signs of future phishing attacks.

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Custom Training Content

Create Online Training Content

Huntress Security Awareness Training’s (SAT) content authoring software gives you the tools to quickly build and customize online training content. With Huntress SAT, building out your content library with custom training is easy.

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Meet DeeDee: Your Cyber Awareness Training Accomplice

Introducing Your Partner In Crime

Meet DeeDee! But beware, she’s full of mischief. Throughout your employees’ experience with Huntress SAT, DeeDee will act as a “real-world hacker.” She’ll challenge your users with realistic cyber threats they may encounter like phishing, social engineering, physical device security, and more.

Combine Security Awareness with Compliance Training

Ensure your users are trained on key compliance guidelines.


NERC CIP compliance training is required for all regulated utilities in North America – we'll help you learn it fast.


PCI-DSS keeps us all safe when handling cardholder data. Train your employees on the 12 requirements of PCI and how they help secure data.


SOC 2 requires SaaS companies to establish a security awareness training program for their employees. Create yours with ease.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a key guideline to protect personally identifiable information (PII) maintained by healthcare and healthcare insurance organizations.

Hear From Our Security Awareness Training Customers

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“Not only do I now have employees telling me how much they enjoy the content, but I also see organic mentions of DeeDee and information security topics brought up in company conversations.”

Jacqueline Geller, Legal & Compliance


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