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Security Awareness Training

Help employees become their own line of defense with training episodes,
phishing simulations and reporting that drive real results. 

Don't Just Check the Box—Empower Your Employees with Training That Works

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Some of the best and most sophisticated cybersecurity technologies today are being rendered useless by one simple thing: employees. 

Unlike other IT services, security isn’t something you can set and forget. It requires constant vigilance, monitoring and training—and everyday users need to play an active role as you strengthen your defenses.

Huntress Security Awareness Training (SAT) delivers a powerful—and fun—combination of episodes, assessments, simulations and reports to help employees become more cybersavvy in the fight against bad actors.

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Building New Muscle

Forget about Nigerian prince scams and blatantly obvious attempts to trick users into purchasing gift cards—today's bad actors are smarter than that. 

Employees need training that actually reflects the threats businesses are facing today: well-disguised smishing schemes, social engineering, ransomware, physical security risks and much more. 

Huntress Security Awareness Training keeps your employees ahead of the curve by teaching them about the specific tactics attackers are using when targeting your organization. 

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Powerful Partner Features

Phishing Simulator Easily customize, deliver and report on phishing programs that train employees and help build trust.
Multi-Tenant Support

Currently available for phishing, with more top-level management features and functionality coming soon!

Simplified Billing An intuitive billing model makes it easy to track subscriptions—no hidden costs or complicated invoices.
Ready to Comply With detailed reporting that's easy to generate and share, working through audit or compliance needs is a breeze.
Custom Content Bring value as a trusted advisor to your customer base with reusable custom interactive content with video, text, links and quizzes.

Meet DeeDee

This five-year-old hacker is about to ruin your day. 

Every good hero needs a villain—and DeeDee is your employees' archnemesis. She plays a recurring role throughout the entire training experience, committing a slew of cybercrimes and partnering with you to fool and phish your teams on a regular basis. 

Putting a face and a name on all of that nefarious activity helps make your security awareness program more fun and memorable; you might even catch your teams plotting their revenge against DeeDee between training episodes.

DeeDee Security Awareness Training

Built With Compliance in Mind

Take the stress out of creating, managing and delivering compliance training.


NERC CIP compliance training is required for all regulated utilities in North America—we'll help you learn it fast.

PCI PCI-DSS keeps us all safe when handling cardholder data. Train your employees on the 12 requirements of PCI and how they can help keep data secure.
SOC 2 SOC 2 requires SaaS companies to establish a security awareness training program for their employees.
GDPR EU privacy is important. Teach your employees about GDPR regulations in less than 10 minutes.
CIS CIS Control 14 requires a cyber security awareness training program for all of your employees.
HB-3834 Texas passed the HB-3834 cyber security regulation to ensure security awareness training is completed by state employees.
NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500.14
NYDFS 23 NYCRR 500.14 Covered Entities must complete a cyber security awareness training program for all employees. Get compliant in minutes.

SAT Is Now Part of the Neighborhood Watch Program

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