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Introducing Incident Notification: A Game Changer for Critical Incident Response


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Introducing Incident Notification: A Game Changer for Critical Incident Response

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Every second counts when a cyber threat is actively compromising your digital environment.

As a committed ally in your cybersecurity journey, Huntress strives to stay one step ahead of threats and provide rapid, actionable intelligence to our partners. With that vision in mind, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature: Incident Notification, SMS texts & calls to instantly alert you to critical incidents.

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Why Texts and Calls?

In the bustling world of IT, email notifications and IT tickets can sometimes get buried under heaps of other alerts and communications. Yet, when a critical incident is detected, it’s paramount that you are alerted immediately. This need pushed Huntress to create our Incident Notification feature for SMS texts and phone calls, designed to ensure you never miss a beat during mission-critical moments.

What Does Incident Notification Bring to the Table?

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Immediate Awareness: By providing your emergency contact phone number, you can now receive instant text messages and/or automated calls from the Huntress Security Operations Center (SOC). This ensures that, regardless of where you are or what you're doing, you'll know immediately if a critical incident is taking place.

Quick Response: Early detection and awareness mean a quicker response. By being immediately notified, you’re positioned to act promptly, potentially preventing further compromise.

Streamlined Communication: Sometimes, reaching the right person at the right time can be the difference between a contained incident and a major breach. Incident Notification ensures that the right person is alerted immediately.

Enhanced Peace of Mind: Knowing that you'll be promptly alerted during a cyber emergency adds an extra layer of assurance to your cyber defense strategy.

What’s the Impact?

Imagine the difference between finding out about a breach hours after it occurred versus being alerted the moment it starts. The former can lead to significant data loss, tarnished brand reputation, and costly remediation processes. The latter, however, places you in a proactive stance, ready to work alongside the Huntress SOC to intervene and thwart the threat as it unfolds.

In Conclusion

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The digital landscape is evolving, and so are the threats that lurk within it. As a leader in MDR and EDR, Huntress believes in equipping our partners with the best tools to stay ahead of these threats. 

Incident Notification isn’t just a feature; it’s a commitment to our partners that we’re always watching, always ready, and always quick to alert you the moment a confirmed incident is underway. 

Join us in our continual journey towards a safer, more secure digital world. Add your incident notification contacts today within your Huntress Account Settings and ensure that you're always the first to know when it matters most.

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