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Memorable Security Awareness Training

The Huntress SAT platform provides short, engaging episodes featuring relatable storylines that train your learners on important security awareness topics. Our SAT content is fun, memorable, and won’t leave your employees rolling their eyes.

Choose from a variety of new training content, regularly updated episodes, downloads, phishing simulations, and more!

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Protecting Businesses Like Yours

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"I get feedback monthly from our employees that ‘this is so great,’ and ‘we want to see what happens with DeeDee next’. It’s definitely engaging."

Michael Ehlert, President

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"I gave Huntress another look and the updated onboarding process & Huntress-managed features are game changers for us. I just onboarded a client with 68 users in under 5 minutes. Huntress SAT has my clients eager to do their training now. They are liking these characters and are actually learning."

Jared Couillard, CISSP Senior Director, IT & Security Officer

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Fully Managed Learning

No time to manage your own SAT program? No problem! The same Huntress security experts who manage endpoints and identities for over 100K organizations can manage your training as well. Our team can fully manage your SAT, including creating, curating, and scheduling your learning.

Keeping Your Training Fresh

Huntress SAT stays up to date with the threat landscape. Our content library is regularly updated with new episodes highlighting new and emerging threats identified by Huntress security experts.

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create your own custom workflows

Create Custom Online Training

Build your own eLearnings within Huntress SAT – no designer necessary. Create your own training using Huntress SAT templates and preloaded content that can include your own uploaded videos, creating quizzes, and embedding links.

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Automate Everything

Security awareness shouldn’t be a headache to manage. In just a few minutes, you can launch the automated SAT program of your dreams. From automating directory integrations to employee training reminders, you can crush your compliance audits knowing Huntress has your back.

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Custom Branding

Personalize your employees’ SAT experience with your own custom colors, logos, policies, and security contact info.

Directory Integrations

Sync with your favorite identity provider to automatically keep employees updated in the Huntress platform.

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An Educated Workforce is a Secure Workforce

Huntress SAT is a series filled with heroes, villains, and stories that stick with your employees. Your teams will go on an adventure as they level up their security skills in an unforgettable experience.

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