Deliver an Enjoyable Training Experience

From new employee onboarding to complex compliance training, Huntress SAT helps make your custom content look impressive. You can use our design system to give your content a consistent look and feel so employees feel at home—whether they’re learning about your own company, or on how to be more compliant.

Create Fun Training for your Employees
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Easily Create Custom Content

Online learning has become a priority for every organization, so now, making more content is as critical as it’s ever been. With Huntress SAT, building out your content library with custom training is easy.

Lightweight LMS

Use Huntress SAT’s lightweight LMS to bring your training to life. Launch your custom training content to your employees quickly with our integrated Learning Management System.

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Provide an Impactful SAT Experience

Don’t just check a compliance box. Elevate your workplace’s security culture while giving your employees an enjoyable experience.

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