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Defend Your Organization and Improve Your Security Posture

Threat actors are actively targeting businesses like yours, and they're getting better at sneaking into environments undetected. As they evolve their offense, you need to evolve your defense.

The Huntress Security Platform delivers a powerful suite of threat detection and response capabilities backed by a 24/7 security operations center – empowering you to fight back against attackers even with limited resources, time, and budget on your side.

Huntress for Business and IT teams

Empower Your Team

Huntress extends your workforce with a team of cybersecurity analysts and support staff that provide the expertise you need to defend against modern threats – all at a fraction of the price of hiring top talent in-house.

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    Designed for Teams Trying To Hold IT All Together

    Huntress empowers strapped IT teams with a lightweight agent that installs easily and doesn’t conflict with other tools, a team of security experts who are analyzing alerts and data around the clock, and a pricing model that’s built with your budget in mind.

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    Why IT Leaders Trust Huntress

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    "We have a highly mobile workforce, lots of branch offices, and a very small IT staff. Huntress helps us monitor for threats, keeps us honest about missed security patches, and our insurance company loves it."

    Paul J, IT Manager

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    “We are not large enough to have a dedicated SOC team, so having Huntress gives us the benefit of having a SOC but in an affordable and efficient way. With Huntress, we have been able to pass cybersecurity audits and meet our cyber insurance requirements.”

    Todd H, Director / Lead Engineer

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    “One of the standout aspects of my experience with Huntress has been their proactive and responsive support team. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure that my organization's security needs are met, providing prompt assistance and expert guidance whenever needed. Their commitment to customer success is truly commendable.”

    Jay M, Director Of Operations

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    The Huntress Managed Security Platform

    What small- to mid-sized businesses and MSPs alike are saying about Huntress Managed EDR.

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    G2 Award - EDR - Leader Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Usability Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Results Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Relationship Spring 2024
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    See Huntress In Action

    Hackers are targeting businesses like yours—it’s time to fight back. Discover the power of managed cybersecurity built for your team.

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