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Evolving the Hunt: Your Tour of the Huntress Managed Security Platform

There’s a lot going on in a day—managing team operations, providing top-notch service to end users, staying on top of the latest tech news and… oh yeah. 

Protecting your networks from hackers and attackers. 

It’s game over when hackers get into your unprotected systems. But when you decide to fight back and play their game—the hunt evolves.

Huntress delivers a powerful endpoint protection suite. This combination of detection and response capabilities wouldn’t be possible without our 24/7 threat hunting and host isolation. 

In this event, we dive into the Huntress Managed Security Platform and show you what it can do, including:

  • How to add EDR capabilities to your stack at a price point that makes sense
  • How Huntress’ human ThreatOps team acts as your eyes and ears round-the-clock 🕒
  • How Managed Antivirus and Microsoft Defender help protect against a cocktail of viruses, trojans and related threats

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Event Speakers

Alex Payne
Henry Washburn