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The Best Offense Is a Good Defender

Even though antivirus (AV) has been on the block for decades, it’s become more important for small and midsize businesses that find themselves in the crosshairs of today’s cybercriminals.

Huntress EDR can be used with any AV, or maximize the value of your built-in Microsoft Defender Antivirus – a built-in and often untapped Windows OS security solution – so you can strengthen frontline virus protection and improve your margins.

With multi-tenant support from the Huntress dashboard, Managed AV enables you to centrally manage detections and events, monitor scans and protections, set exclusions, and execute remediation actions for all protected endpoints.

Partner Panel: Making the Switch to Managed Antivirus

Discover how F1 Solutions and United Systems use Managed Antivirus to strengthen endpoint protection for their customers. Watch the on-demand webinar today.

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The Huntress Platform

Strengthen Your Defenses

The Managed AV dashboard gathers essential information to identify and prioritize Microsoft Defender incidents and inform remediation steps. In addition, the Huntress Security team provides an added level of expertise to help analyze a variety of alerts and recommend action items when remediation cannot be performed by Defender alone.

And if any threats do slip through, you can rest easy knowing Huntress’ other services are ready to get to work.

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Strengthen Frontline Protection with Microsoft Defender Antivirus

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