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The Evolution of the Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program

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These days, it feels like managed service providers (MSPs) are facing an uphill battle. You’re forced to do more with less—protecting yourself and your clients with tighter budgets and fewer resources—and at the same time, you’re expected to keep pace with the relentless nature of cyber threats.

As a way to alleviate these challenges for the MSP community, we introduced the Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program back in July 2022. And since then, we've been on an incredible journey building and growing this program, with almost 2,000 MSPs taking advantage of the program to level up their security. So, we thought we’d share how we've evolved and enhanced the Neighborhood Watch Program to offer even more support and protection.

What’s the Neighborhood Watch Program?

The Neighborhood Watch is designed to protect your MSP’s internal devices by putting the power of Huntress in your corner—no strings attached. Through "internal use" not-for-resale (NFR) licenses of Huntress, this program gives you immediate access to our full platform, at no cost. And the best part? It’s available to any MSP, whether you’re a partner or not.

What’s Included?

MDR for Microsoft 365

Business email compromise (BEC) has become a rising concern, which is why we’re proud to now include Huntress’ newest solution, MDR for Microsoft 365, as part of this program. This solution is tailored to counteract account takeover and safeguard your organization against BEC attacks.

Managed EDR

This program also includes access to Huntress’ Managed EDR solution to proactively protect your internal endpoints. This solution offers real-time threat detection and defense against malware, ransomware, persistent threats, and more. 

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity isn't just a one-person show. It's a team sport. With Huntress’ Security Awareness Training solution, you can empower your team to recognize and respond to threats effectively; because strong defenses start from within your organization.

24/7 SOC

Backing all of Huntress’ solutions is our expert Security Operations Center (SOC), a 24/7 operation that ensures around-the-clock coverage. Being part of the Neighborhood Watch allows you to tap into this team’s collective intelligence and have their expertise as an extension of your team. 

• • •

This is what the Neighborhood Watch Program includes today, but our work is never done. We will continue to make more investments like this, evolving this program to meet the changing needs of MSPs while staying true to its mission: to have your back and protect you so you can better protect your clients. 

Ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with having Huntress in your corner? Join the Neighborhood Watch today to elevate your own security in just a few minutes, at no cost.

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