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Introducing the Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program

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The last few years have been tough on the managed service provider (MSP) community.

MSPs have been labeled as ransomware enablers, hackers are using our own tools against us and we’re all constantly scrambling to protect ourselves from the latest critical CVE (usually at the worst possible time, like a holiday weekend). 

Threat actors pose a bigger threat today than ever. Why? Because they’ve found there’s strength in numbers. Hackers have found that they work better together, so they’ve broken out of their silos and formed groups to support one another and skill up faster than ever before. For us to stand any chance against them, we defenders must do the same.

And today, we’re eager to announce a new initiative that will give MSPs the space to do just that: The Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program.

The Neighborhood Watch Program is a collection of programs and resources designed to help elevate the broader security community.

To kick things off, we’re making The Huntress Managed Security Platform available to any MSP for internal use at no cost to keep your own house secure—even if you’re not a Huntress partner. This includes our human 24/7 SOC team, threat hunting and everything else we’ve added to our platform over the last few years.

Getting started with our Neighborhood Watch Program takes about an hour of your time. We’ll ask you to spend 30 minutes with our team to get an understanding of how our platform works followed by setting up your account and deploying our technology in the wild through a trial. 

Give us an hour of your time and we’ll protect the internal devices at your MSP—no strings attached.

More importantly, we’re just getting started.

We will continue making investments like this to help keep our industry more secure while we build a healthy business. Giving back and growing revenue do not need to be mutually exclusive, and we’re so excited to share our ideas of how the Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program will evolve as we further our mission of bringing cybersecurity to the 99%. 

In the early days of HTG (now IT Nation Evolve), Arlin Sorensen often spoke about the book The Go-Giver, specifically the “Law of Value”:

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

This concept is a guiding light for our participation in the MSP community and a large part of why we spend so much time and effort contributing to the community through things like Tradecraft Tuesday, hack_it, and our rapid responses to industry-wide security events. We hope to give more than we take, and we’re excited to continue finding new ways to work together to strengthen our community.

Protect your house. Join the Huntress Neighborhood Watch Program by visiting—and stay tuned, because we’re just getting started!

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