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Putting the Dee(Dee) in Defense: Huntress Acquires Curricula

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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired Curricula: a fun, story-based security awareness training platform that empowers employees to become their own line of defense in the fight against hackers.

This acquisition marks another important step forward in our mission to deliver cybersecurity to the 99%—those small and mid-sized businesses that often lack the resources to properly defend themselves against today’s savvy threat actors. 

Just two weeks ago, we announced our new Neighborhood Watch Program: a collection of programs and resources designed to help elevate the broader security community. We’re excited to be able to follow up so quickly to announce another way we’re delivering on that promise—and this one involves a genius five-year-old nefarious hacker named DeeDee. 😉

Why Curricula?

A single question haunts IT teams when their employees ask it: Why should I care? It’s a loaded question, as there’s a lot to unpack in terms of why basic cyber hygiene procedures are critical for every employee at every organization to know and practice.

And that’s the question that Curricula’s learning platform helps to address. Through fun and engaging content, the platform demonstrates the why behind cybersecurity. It’s this understanding that forms the foundation for a strong cybersecurity posture to be built.

And for us at Huntress, this is our logical next step for protecting the 99%. 

Since 2015, we’ve been protecting our partners’ endpoints with our managed security platform—and now, we’re helping our partners help their employees through education and training. 

Cybersecurity begins with our employees. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. We can’t expect our employees to care about cybersecurity unless they know why they should. Curricula’s training highlights the reasons why employees should care, which is the first (and arguably most difficult) step in strengthening our cyber defenses. 


And here’s a fun fact: We’ve depended on Curricula internally to help our own team refresh their cyber knowledge. It’s safe to say we’re big fans of DeeDee, an adorable (but nefarious) five-year-old hacking genius who represents the real cyber threats we battle every day. 

With DeeDee around to teach us what today’s hackers are capable of, we’re well on our way to properly defending ourselves—and we’re excited to see DeeDee make her rounds across the globe with our partners.

Curricula also offers many other features, including phishing simulators, reports, gamification, content creation and more—all designed to help teams become more cybersavvy and be better defenders.

What Does This Mean for Our Partners?

This acquisition will help us equip the managed service providers (MSPs) and IT resellers we serve—and the businesses they serve—with an extra line of defense against today’s threat actors. It adds a powerful eLearning platform for security training to The Huntress Managed Security Platform, enabling every member of our partner organizations to build a stronger security culture.

Aside from interactive training, we’ll also be able to provide our partners with phishing simulators, reports, gamification, content creation and more.

What’s Next?

The Curricula team is now part of the Huntress team, and we’re ecstatic to work together to make the full Curricula suite of cybersecurity learning tools available to our partners and their customers.

If you’re already a Curricula partner, rest assured that you’ll be able to continue using the service without disruption. We’re working on a lot right now regarding product integrations, roadmaps, timelines and more—so stay tuned as we’re eager to post updates!

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