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New Investment Fuels Our Mission To Enable SMBs to Better Protect Their Business Assets


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New Investment Fuels Our Mission To Enable SMBs to Better Protect Their Business Assets

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Since our founding, the Huntress mission has remained the same: protect small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) from threat actors that aim to disrupt and extort the fundamental base of our economy. After all, SMBs make up 99% of the organizations in the US and Canada. That may be why these organizations sit squarely as targets for attacks.

Two years ago, we raised $40M in Series B funding, which helped us expand the depth and breadth of our Managed Security Platform to meet the growing security challenges SMBs face. I'm amazed that we secure more than 2 million endpoints for over 110,000 customers globally today.

Additionally, over the past two years, we’ve acquired a Security Awareness Training (SAT) platform so organizations can provide critical and current education to employees, launched our Managed EDR service so our partners can support their growing customer bases, and added support for macOS endpoints. Earlier this month, we also announced MDR for Microsoft 365 at the RSA conference, which protects users from identity and business email hacks. MDR for M365 will be generally available in the coming months. Perhaps most important to me is that Huntress continues to lead global detection and response efforts to vicious supply chain incidents that disproportionately target the SMBs we serve, including the 2021 Kaseya security incident, BQE BillQuick, Papercut, and the recent 3CX attack. By offering quick remediation to customers who may have been impacted, we give back to the broader security community by preventing further disruption in their operations. After all, our goal is to protect.

And our journey has just begun! 

It's still early days for us as we continue to bring operationally efficient and affordable cybersecurity solutions to SMBs. And today, I'm thrilled to announce we've hit another milestone that will further fuel our mission to protect and empower SMBs: Huntress has secured a $60M Series C raise.

Our newest investor, Sapphire Ventures, is a leading technology-focused venture capital firm that partners with visionary management teams to help scale companies of consequence. But most importantly, Sapphire shares our vision of a world where well-prepared SMBs can go 'toe-to-toe' with threat actors and keep their businesses running safely. With Sapphire's extensive, two-decade track record of investing in hyper-growth startups (including 32 IPOs under their belt), this partnership will further our hyper-growth phase so we can continue to enhance the solutions and services we offer. Our existing investors, JMI Equity and Forgepoint Capital, also participated in this round.

The near-term is clear. Economic headwinds facing both public and private markets right now are fierce. Today's private funding market is one marked by compressed multiples, significant gaps in bid/ask spreads and low deal volume. With startup funding tight, I am even more proud of the Huntress team for earning interest from multiple top investors in Silicon Valley who bid to participate in this round. This all validates the need organizations have to be smarter than the smartest hackers out there and seek affordable, scalable solutions that enable them to protect their business assets. I genuinely believe that Huntress is how SMBs not only survive but thrive in this challenging next economic cycle; Huntress is how to build a more secure world for small and mid-market businesses. I am humbled by this vote of confidence and honored to create more world-class cybersecurity solutions. It's an exciting step forward and a testament to the business we've built and the opportunities ahead.

Our commitment to the community is to continue innovating on our proprietary technology, backed by human threat hunters, to meet our partners' evolving needs as threat actors continue evolving their tactics, techniques and procedures. We're on a mission to help mid-market and small businesses fight back against today's threats. With this new investment round, Huntress really is how.

I am grateful to our supporters, investors, the Huntress team and most of all, the customers we serve for the opportunity to help. It's why we wake up every day. It's why we hunt and stop hackers. And it's why we will never stop.

With gratitude,


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