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Move beyond automation with 24/7 human threat hunting—your secret weapon in
the fight against today’s hackers.

Human-Powered Threat Hunting

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Ransomware. Antivirus evasion. Persistent threats. Obfuscated malware. 

Most cybersecurity tools rely on automation to try and stop malicious activity—but hackers are outsmarting software. It’s time to put the power of real human threat hunters to work for your business. 

The Huntress ThreatOps team fills a critical gap in your security stack, providing you with a team of always-on expert security professionals. They look into potential threats, analyze hacker tradecraft, create incident reports and help remediate cyber threats.

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ThreatOps In Action

Collect The Huntress agent looks for footholds and backdoors in startup folders, autoruns, scheduled tasks and more—all the places hackers use to hide.

We move beyond automated detection with contextually aware manual analysis. Our security analysts review endpoint and agent surveys to catch even the sneakiest threats.


After investigating, we send you a custom incident report to share our findings and outline next steps. This can be delivered to you via email or your ticketing system.

Remediate You can execute the automated remediation steps we recommend in a single click. Plus, we’ll provide detailed recommendations for any other work that should be completed.
1.24M+ Endpoints Monitored
2800+ Partners
68k+ End Clients Protected

Our Intelligence
Isn't Artificial

Modern attackers are smart, and they’ve got entire teams that spend their days identifying ways to beat up (or sneak past) your security tools—how can you expect to defend against that with automation alone?

Explore the differences between automated security and human-powered threat hunting.

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Paul Jebe Kinex Medical Company

"Having high-end security staff reviewing our incidents, and the speed of communications from their service. Knowing that we can potentially catch intrusions early is huge in the age of ransomware attacks. We have a highly mobile workforce, lots of branch offices, and a very small IT staff. Huntress helps us monitor for threats, keeps us honest about missed security patches, and our insurance company loves it."

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I have seen immediate results with huntress, finding malware that slipped past reputable anti-virus software. For example, one of the threats huntress identified was latent software on one of my computers, which could have given access to account information. That computer had already been updated with well-known security software. Out of curiosity, we ran other top-tier scans, but only the huntress was able to detect the malware; at that time, I was surprised and also felt saved from a disaster.

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Huntress keeps an eye on all of our computers and immediately notifies if an unusual process is set to run automatically. It has found numerous huge potential security problems, and countless little problems (things like adware and junk browsers). Implementation was easy by deploying the agent via our RMM. It immediately found a few major security issues, the support team even helped me confirm the risk.

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Add Cyber Experts to Your Arsenal—And Fight Back Against Hackers

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