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Cyber Insurance Masterclass

The Cyber Insurance Masterclass will deepen your understanding of cyber insurance from the service provider's perspective. In this three-part series, you will learn what controls carriers are looking for, how to have the cyber insurance conversation with your clients and tips to turn cyber insurance discussions into a strategic advantage for you. 

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Part 1: Closing the Gap: Is My Stack Insurance Ready?

Having the proper controls is imperative to be considered for a cyber insurance policy. In this session, you will learn how to align your security stack to the top controls cyber insurance carriers require.

Part 2: Smooth Talking: Tackling Objections

Cyber Insurance is a great tool to leverage when selling your security services, but when you first bring up cyber insurance, you may need more support. Learn to work through the most common objections you may face.

Part 3 : A Winning Strategy: The Business Review

The best way to incorporate cyber insurance into your security services is to get proactive. You can prepare now to integrate cyber insurance into your QBRs/XBRs to guide the conversation confidently.

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