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Assessing the State of Cybersecurity for Mid-Sized Businesses in 2023

Most mid-sized organizations are ill-equipped to defend against the evolving cybersecurity issues that threaten to impact them this year. Recent data from Virtual Intelligence Briefing (ViB) shows:
  • 61% of mid-sized businesses lack in-house cybersecurity experts
  • 47% don’t have an incident response plan
  • 27% still don’t have cyber insurance coverage

Learn how to better protect your business from the increasing impacts of cyber attacks. Watch the on-demand webinar and:

  • Discover key cybersecurity challenges facing mid-sized businesses based on The State of Cybersecurity for Mid-Sized Businesses in 2023 report

  • Hear expert insights on the trends, findings and strategies you need to enhance your security posture today

  • Learn about the challenges Devon Harbord, Managing Director of IT at Standard Supply, encountered and how he has protected his organization from future threats.

Knowledge is power. Don't miss this opportunity to discover how to better protect your business.

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Event Speakers

Devon Harbord

Managing Director of IT
Standard Supply

Tom Riddle
Topher Lyons