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Put a SOC in It: How Huntress Managed EDR Stands Against the Competition

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Cybercrimes are no longer reserved for the Fortune 500. It’s more than just major banks, national retailers, and hospital networks at risk. Hackers are now employing an equal opportunity approach, targeting organizations of all sizes. But while the largest of enterprises might have the resources and infrastructure to take on the most malicious threat actors, are you equipped to do the same? 

We’ve always feared the answer to that question. This is why Huntress is driven to create greater equity in cybersecurity. In other words, we believe every organization, especially small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), should have access to the leading tools to take on cybercriminals.   

Because No SMB Should Face Cyber Threats Alone

If you operate an SMB, then the cybersecurity disparity is likely evident. Many security solutions, namely endpoint detection and response (EDR), are still designed for enterprises. But enterprise-level cybersecurity demands enterprise-level budgets, not to mention enterprise-level recruiting, staffing, management, IT, and so on.  

That’s why we designed our EDR to cater to your unique challenges, such as limited time, budgets, and resources. Given these obstacles, it’s unlikely you can—or want to—focus on cybersecurity all day. Therefore, we took the burden of threat management off of your shoulders. By coupling our technology with a people-powered, 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), Huntress Managed EDR does all the hard work on your behalf, delivering around-the-clock monitoring, management, and remediation, all backed by real experts.  

To better demonstrate why Huntress Managed EDR is the ideal solution for SMBs, we looked at the EDR offerings of seven well-known vendors, and we've laid out the features and benefits that differentiate us from the rest.

Aspect Huntress Managed EDR Their EDRs
Technology Built and managed by Huntress, so we can respond quickly when new threats surface Some rely on third-party EDR technologies, thus requiring other vendors for product updates. This can also minimize their ability to react quickly when new threats arise.
Total Cost of Ownership
  • Features a people-powered, 24/7 SOC—plus Managed Antivirus for Microsoft Defender—at one price
  • Offers clear, per-endpoint pricing that scales alongside your needs
  • Delivers managed threat protection, detection, and remediation at a single price that also checks the insurance box
  • No extra add-ons or additional vendors needed
  • Can require enterprise-level budgets to attain the same full coverage as Huntress Managed EDR
  • Can be cost-prohibitive, as some solutions require at least 300 endpoints
  • Initial low prices might be attractive, but costs can mount quickly due to add-ons needed for managed services and support
Ease of Use
  • Intuitive dashboard and remediation reports easily allow you to remedy issues with detailed, accessible instructions
  • Can typically be deployed in minutes
  • Automatic updates provide an effortless user experience
  • Requires no in-house expertise to use because you’re backed by real cybersecurity analysts who support you around the clock
  • Needs less than 1% CPU and nearly no RAM or storage to function
  • Cybersecurity experts and non-experts report some competitor dashboards are difficult to navigate
  • Management can be complex, requiring deep in-house expertise to operate
  • Some users report frustration dealing with support teams
Services Includes the following key features without requiring extra tiers, add-ons, or surprises:
  • Persistent Footholds
  • Malicious Process Behavior
  • Ransomware Canaries
  • Open Port Detection
  • To attain similar functionalities as Huntress Managed EDR, you’ll need to upgrade to additional products or staff your own internal SOC
  • Some require extra products and bundles, creating ambiguity of coverage
  • Some package bundles come with trade-offs of coverage and are priced for larger organizations
Expertise Our SOC provides industry-leading expertise to protect your business and minimize the burden on your own team. With 24/7 detection, analysis, and response, our cybersecurity experts fill the gaps automation alone can’t cover. Some competitors can be so expensive you’ll need to manage the EDR on your own, which can be stressful and time-consuming. Your internal team may have to sift through alerts manually to identify and remediate real threats.
  • Provides alerts only for incidents that require attention
  • Our SOC works tirelessly to reduce your alert fatigue
  • Combination of technology and expert analysis results in a mere 0.7% false positive rate
Many of our competitors are known to produce unfiltered alerts. In fact, some are notorious for false positives. Can require you to increase operational capacity just to manage
Threat Detection
  • Delivers all-in-one managed analysis, detection, and remediation for both known and unknown threats
  • Backed by our 24/7 SOC
  • Our experts work relentlessly to provide fast, accurate feedback to help answer your questions or resolve your issues
  • Our support team has a CSAT average of 99%
Some can only protect against previously known threats
  • Our experts work relentlessly to provide fast, accurate feedback to help answer your questions or resolve your issues
  • Our support team has a CSAT average of 99%
Customers often report negative interactions with some support teams

Looking to dig deeper? We invite you to go more in depth on how Huntress Managed EDR compares to other vendors like Bitdefender, CrowdStrike, Datto, SentinelOne, Sophos, Webroot, and Blackpoint.    

And if you’d like to know how Huntress Managed EDR performs in the real world, read our case study on how we helped managed service provider Cascade Technologies

Try Huntress Managed EDR for Yourself

Huntress Managed EDR is rated the #1 EDR for SMBs for the eighth quarter in a row, according to G2 users. That's because we're built to be easy on your team and hard on hackers. 

Try the top-rated EDR for yourself with a free trial.

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