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Brandon Garcin 11.18.2020 3 min read

Huntress Service: Partner Enablement

Let’s face it — even the best cybersecurity tools won’t configure and sell themselves.

As hackers get smarter and find new ways of sneaking into small business environments, effective security now demands a complex and layered approach which includes:

  • Finding the right products and maximizing their effectiveness based on your clients’ needs
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest threats, market dynamics and best practices
  • Being able to simplify technical concepts and communicate the need for greater security to end users

To help IT providers enhance their security knowledge and have more actionable client conversations, we’re thrilled to introduce a new Huntress service: Partner Enablement!

This service is designed to help you more effectively leverage the Huntress platform, capture new security revenue and have more impactful discussions with your customers and prospects.

It’s part of our continued platform expansion, which throughout the past year included the launch of Ransomware Canaries, Assisted Remediation and External Recon — all of which are available to our partners at no added cost.

An educational guide included in Huntress’ new Partner Enablement service

Located directly within the Huntress dashboard, Partner Enablement is divided into three categories:

Mastering Huntress

When it comes to security technology, we often see MSPs that aren’t fully utilizing the capabilities of the tools they’ve deployed. Whether due to bad documentation, not enough hours in the day or simply a lack of awareness, this can create some big headaches and missed opportunities for IT providers.
The Mastering Huntress section of our enablement service ensures you’re getting the best possible ROI as one of our partners. It includes technical documentation and training, onboarding and configuration guides, feature/benefit overviews and more — so your team can truly master the platform and effectively layer it into your security stack.

Growing Revenue

Once you’ve got a working knowledge of the Huntress platform, it’s time to turn your attention toward your clients. Here the focus is on enabling you to have more effective upsell conversations, demonstrate the value of your security services and — most importantly — capture new revenue.

The materials here include co-branded datasheets (which our platform automatically renders for you — no designers needed), client-facing presentations and slide decks, hacking demos and more. Complete with speaker notes, usage guidelines and plenty of how-to info, we’re taking the guesswork out of cybersecurity marketing so you can execute campaigns and see results.

Gaining Knowledge

Education, training and enablement are at the core of our business. Whether we’re exposing hackers’ tricks and methods, analyzing malware during Tradecraft Tuesday or working with our partners to investigate active threats, our commitment to simplifying and improving SMB cybersecurity is unchanging.

The Gaining Knowledge section of our enablement service is designed to keep you ahead of the security curve. We’ve packaged up informational resources, recommended reading lists, demos and other materials to make you aware of emerging threats, provide frameworks for your security maturity journey, and more.

Client-facing presentations and demos included in the Growing Revenue collection

How It Works

If you’re a current Huntress partner, simply log in to your dashboard and you’ll find Partner Enablement in the main navigation menu. Each of the three primary sections has its own page with featured resources, asset descriptions and download links for easy access. We’ll be updating this regularly with new materials (and refreshing existing ones to keep them current).

Not yet a Huntress partner? Start a free trial today to get access to the entire platform including this new Partner Enablement service!


Brandon Garcin

Writer. Father. Former Director of Brand and Content at Huntress.