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How Huntress Protects SMBs

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There’s an interesting dynamic in the cybersecurity world: the more critical it’s become over time, the harder it’s gotten to manage.

Gone are the days when security threats were limited to large enterprises, Wall Street or Silicon Valley. Virtually all businesses today are reliant on technology, and hackers now actively target small and mid-market businesses (SMBs) in all pockets of the economy. 

Without proper help, these SMBs often find themselves struggling to overcome these problems:

1. Lack of Expertise

Cybersecurity isn’t exactly a “set it and forget it” part of your IT environment. And with bad actors constantly finding new attack surfaces, software to exploit and a seemingly endless collection of tricks up their sleeves, it’s nearly impossible for SMBs to keep up and stay ahead of the curve. Even if companies have the cash to shell out for a handful of security tools (which they often don’t—more on that in a moment), they’re unlikely to have the knowledge required to manage them effectively. 

2. Endless Noise

Another problem with many of today’s security tools is that they’re incredibly noisy. That’s because they’re constantly scanning and collecting data to try and determine whether certain behavior, processes or applications might be malicious.

As a result, security systems often spit out a ton of alerts, tickets and signals—and to the untrained eye, it’s extremely difficult to find the right needles in the haystack that actually require attention. That’s especially true when you consider attacks that are specifically designed to exploit or bypass legitimate tools and processes, making detection even more challenging.  

3. Budget Constraints

Unsurprisingly, setting aside a significant budget for cybersecurity isn’t the first thing on most business owners’ minds when trying to grow and scale. Between expensive toolsets, processes, insurance—and even more expensive personnel and staff—the average SMB is in no position to stand up a proper security practice within their four walls. Even those who understand its importance often have difficulty pulling together the budget required to defend themselves.   

To overcome these challenges and gain the skills to defend themselves, SMBs often work with an outside party like a service provider or a value-added reseller. But here’s the kicker: those third-party partners also face many of the same budget, resource and knowledge limitations. 

So who’s working to ensure that SMBs have a viable option that meets their needs? And that their service providers and resellers are empowered to actually deliver on the promises they’re making to their customers?

Enter Huntress: The Managed Security Platform for the 99%

Our mission is to make security simple and accessible to the 99% by helping users focus on what matters most—and enabling non-security professionals to effectively respond to cyberattacks and threats. 

With a powerful combination of software and human expertise, The Huntress Managed Security Platform is designed from the ground up to support SMBs and the third-party resellers who manage their IT infrastructure needs.

Better Cybersecurity for SMBs


With our wide range of security features and a steadfast commitment to educating and empowering the community, Huntress is a unique partner in the fight against cyberattacks. 

Our model is built around our partners and the businesses they serve. The features we invest in—and the way we build them—are specifically designed to address the gaps and pressures they face. We also build around our customers' specific needs and pain points—and that’s helped make Huntress the most complementary security platform for SMBs. 

A Managed Platform

The “managed” part in Managed Security Platform means that we do as much heavy lifting as possible. No matter your level of cyber expertise, Huntress is committed to ensuring that our partners are capable of responding quickly and efficiently to security incidents. Our unique incident reports offer simple, easy-to-understand analyses of threats and their severity and outline exactly what needs to be done next. 

What’s more, our Assisted Remediation provides one-click execution of any remediation steps that can be automated—making it easier and faster to respond to incidents. And our entire team is committed to providing top-notch support and hands-on help when it’s needed.

Expert Knowledge Transfer

For the benefit of our partners and the general community as a whole, we seek to be a resource to help non-security professionals gain knowledge and advance their education, allowing them to leverage our platform easily and effectively—even without any prior experience in cybersecurity.

Instead of forcing our partners to find the needles in the haystack, Huntress ThreatOps analyzes, reviews, and reports on all suspicious activity and detections manually, ensuring our partners only receive alerts on items that require their attention. We also distinguish between low- and high-priority issues and provide easy instructions for any manual work that’s needed. This equips SMBs with the ability to swiftly and accurately mitigate threats and gives them valuable time back to focus on other aspects of their businesses. 

With our ThreatOps team absorbing the cybersecurity workload, our partners are freed from having to build an internal cyber team. With a platform built exclusively for SMBs, we aim to bring cybersecurity to the 99% with an affordable, meticulously crafted balance of automation, human hunters and enablement. By focusing on the specific pain points and gaps SMBs face today, we are able to keep costs low and provide a ton of value at prices that actually make sense for the markets we serve.

Partnering with Huntress

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We deliver cybersecurity to the 99%—the businesses that need it most. If you’re looking to strengthen your existing security layers—or looking for a solid foundational platform to build on top of—Huntress is the perfect complement to your IT stack. 

Want to learn more about The Huntress Managed Security Platform and how we make life easier for defenders (and harder for attackers)? Check out our brand new eBook, The Managed Security Platform for the 99%: How Huntress Protects SMBs. It offers a more comprehensive look into our capabilities, our commitment to community and the way we work with our partners. 

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions, or book a demo if you’re interested in having a more personal chat about how Huntress can help strengthen your security!


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