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Here’s to the Future: Our Latest Funding Will Fuel Big Innovations, Bold Acquisitions, and a More Secure Global Community

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When Chris Bisnett, John Ferrell, and I founded Huntress in 2015, our goal was simple: make a difference. We were a team of three with a vision to stop hackers and do some good in the world. Since then, that vision has grown to include hundreds of teammates and thousands of partners. As we sail past another milestone, I want to thank you for being part of this epic journey and helping us reach this pivotal moment.

Series D Strengthens Our Stance as a Company of Consequence 

Investors are drawn to Huntress because they truly believe in our mission to protect the most underserved businesses. This belief has allowed us to control our destiny—including when we receive capital and who we accept it from. Many investors have offered us financial backing, and we’ve bluntly said “no” because we didn’t feel they shared our vision. By sticking to our convictions, we’ve been able to choose wisely. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve recently completed a $150M Series D funding round at a $1.55B valuation.

This latest round, backed by Kleiner Perkins, Meritech Capital, and Sapphire Ventures, will further strengthen our ongoing mission to protect the most vulnerable companies, or as we’ve come to know them—the 99%.

Elite cybersecurity solutions shouldn’t be reserved for the 1%. This round of funding is crucial because it’ll allow us to double down on securing this under-protected market and elevate the businesses that need us most. We’ll do this by:

  • Investing in cutting-edge endpoint, identity, cloud, and SaaS security research 
  • Strategically acquiring human detection response, employee risk management, and security posture management technologies, all leading to cyber resilience  
  • Evolving our Huntress Managed Security Platform with fully autonomous response and multi-product orchestration capabilities
  • Building community and educating at-risk partners and businesses globally
  • Growing our GTM team to capitalize on the overwhelming demand we’re experiencing

This round of funding will propel us into new global markets, add more disruptive products to our platform, and further diversify our board to ensure that Huntress remains an independent company of consequence. Put simply, we’ll reach more businesses before hackers do.

How We Got Here 

It’s been nearly 10 years since we set out to revolutionize cybersecurity, and I’m blown away by how far we’ve come. I don’t want to get sentimental here, but I remember back when Chris, John, and I won $50k at Mach37, a startup accelerator where we first pitched a Huntress prototype. That was a lot of money for us, and I only could’ve dreamt of the tremendous growth we’d achieve from then on. 

We were unconventional from the start. We were three hyper-disciplined guys, working on the East Coast, hunting down bad guys for the government. We were supporting small and medium-sized businesses through channel partners. We were so far removed from the norms of Silicon Valley that we knew this wasn’t going to be your stereotypical startup story.  

When it came to cybersecurity, we were already playing in the majors, even winning the World Series of Hacking. But starting a business was a whole new ballgame for us. I pored over stacks of books on startups, and one piece of advice kept jumping out: the most important aspect of founding a business is the team you build. In the Air Force, I worked in small, geographically separated teams, which required me to master my role and own my work independently. With that experience, the other founders and I quickly realized that hiring remotely would allow us to bring in top talent from across the country, not just our local area. This small but crucial tweak—learning to work asynchronously with experts scattered across the globe—would set a trajectory for unprecedented success.

When we received our Series A funding in 2020, Huntress had fewer than 20 teammates. We’ve since added hundreds of new faces, as well as new investors, partners, and customers. It’s because of all these people that I’m excited to get up in the morning. I’m especially grateful to our dedicated teammates who inspire me to give my all to our mission of protecting the 99%.

It may have been an unorthodox path, but here we are. Like I said, our convictions never wavered, and because we stuck to our guns, our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. At a valuation of $1.55B, we’ve achieved “unicorn” status. And we’re now only a quarter away from becoming a “centaur,” an exclusive title reserved for private companies with $100M ARR. 

Though this journey started with only three, this success isn’t just ours. It’s shared with all our partners, investors, and teammates who’ve joined us along the way.

Thank You, and Get Ready for the Path Ahead

We’ve spent nearly a decade building a reputation for delivering on our promises, with one promise standing out above all others: elevating SMBs and their MSP allies. We’ve never let that slip.

Forget the dollars for a second. Right now, we’re protecting thousands of partners, half a million identities, and millions of endpoints. These are the true numbers I care about. It’s not because it’s good for Huntress’ bottom line, but because it means more people can operate without fear in the face of cyber threats.

Sure, getting investors excited and raising funds is a great reflection of our success, but the real win comes from hearing our partners say, “You saved our ass.” We protect them, and we always will.

This new round of funding proves we’re still delivering on our promise. So, let’s all take a moment to celebrate. But don’t pop all the bottles yet. We still have plenty of work to do.

This isn’t the finish line—it’s only the beginning.

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