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Effortless Phishing Simulations Now Part of Huntress Security Awareness Training

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We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to Huntress Security Awareness Training: Managed Phishing!

Over the past year, we’ve worked tirelessly to shape Huntress Security Awareness Training (SAT) into the ultimate solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal? To provide these businesses with security awareness training that goes beyond the simple compliance check box and delivers genuine security and business outcomes.

And that’s where Managed Phishing comes in, our new feature for no-maintenance, expert-backed simulated phishing campaigns.

The Problem with Traditional Phishing Simulations

Some of the biggest challenges we see small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) run into are that they struggle to keep up with the resources and expertise needed to operate a successful cybersecurity program without draining resources from the rest of their business. And traditional phishing simulations only add to that problem.


The issue with traditional phishing simulations is that they require time and effort to be created and maintained. In order to be effective, there must also be a constant flow of new phishing scenarios to reflect current phishing trends and seasonality, and to ensure learners don’t receive the same scenario twice. To add to the challenge, those phishing simulations must also make it past your email filters and into your learners’ inboxes. 

Doing all of that in-house can be a nightmare for SMBs as the required level of effort can equate to that of a full-time job, but their security teams are already lean as it is. Outsourcing is a good alternative, but most offerings on the market have static libraries that don’t change frequently enough to keep up with current threats, and they still require management on the back end. 

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The Huntress Approach: Effortless, Expert-Backed Managed Phishing

With Huntress already managing over 2 million endpoints and hundreds of thousands of Microsoft 365 identities, we were in a unique position to offer SMBs a type of phishing simulation that is hard to come by – one that not only requires zero management on their end but is also backed by the expertise of real-world cybersecurity practitioners

With Huntress SAT’s Managed Phishing, our security researchers take over the task of running your simulated phishing campaigns. Based on what we’re seeing and facing on the front lines, we’ll take those insights and turn them into phishing simulations that reflect the current threat landscape. In turn, your learners are better prepared to identify and mitigate current threats before they’re hit with a real one.

All the while, there is zero effort required from your team. Opt-in your learners, set any exclusions you’d like, and the Huntress SOC takes over. From there, they create monthly campaigns with multiple phishing scenarios that are sent to learners over the course of each month (rather than all at once) to give each learner a unique experience. At the end of the month, you receive a comprehensive campaign summary, detailing what phishing simulations were used and which learners were compromised to help you identify vulnerable areas and adapt as you see fit.

Phishing simulations are meant to be a pain in the ass for hackers, but they shouldn’t be one for you. 

Take Huntress SAT with Managed Phishing for a test drive today to start seeing real security outcomes without the headaches.


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