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Tradecraft Tuesday

Next Episode: Creating Digestible Cybersecurity Content After an Incident
October 11 | 1:00pm ET


No products, no pitches — just tradecraft.

Next Episode: Creating Digestible Cybersecurity Content After an Incident

Diving into an investigation and uncovering all the gory details is one thing—but writing about it? 😅

It can be challenging—but not impossible—to avoid becoming Charlie Day when talking about your findings. Frankly, it’s a struggle we deal with frequently at Huntress. It takes some solid groundwork from various teams, including ThreatOps and—yes—marketing, to figure out how to not only devise content that accurately portrays an investigation but to figure out how to do so in a way that will make sense to audiences of various knowledge levels.

In this episode of Tradecraft Tuesday, we’ll talk about how to meet your audience in the middle with digestible, understandable, actionable content. 

We’ll cover…

  • The details of some of the threat analyses we’ve done in the past—including some behind-the-scenes details that didn’t make it into our content!
  • How we make decisions while writing content, including what to include, exclude, focus on or ignore
  • How we work through planning how to disseminate the content in various ways for different audiences (come prepared to talk memes)
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