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How Huntress Can Help You Keep Pace with Today's Savvy Threat Actors

Threat actors are cybersecurity experts. They quickly learn the ins and outs of the very tools you use to keep your environments safe. The result is a threat landscape that changes daily.

You need a well-rounded security stack that goes beyond prevention to catch hackers who bypass preventive tools and lurk in your environments. Detection is just as important as prevention—and that’s where Huntress sits in your stack.

Watch a product demo to see the power of threat detection and response backed by human threat hunters. We’ll dive into the three newest features of The Huntress Security Platform: Managed Antivirus, 24/7 Global ThreatOps coverage and Host Isolation. These features work together to better protect your endpoints, quickly quarantine devices and swiftly respond to advanced threats.

We’ll cover these features:

  • Persistent Foothold detection
  • Ransomware Canaries
  • External Recon
  • Partner Enablement
  • (New) Managed Antivirus
  • (New) 24/7 Global ThreatOps coverage
  • (New) Host Isolation

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Event Speakers

Danielle Painter Senior Account Executive Huntress
Shane Rose