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Cybersecurity Horror Stories

Introducing Huntress MDR for Microsoft 365

Join us this Halloween, where we look at some terrifying real-world examples of attacks detected by Huntress.  You’ll hear directly from our front-line SOC analysts who investigated the cases.  They will walk you through what spooked them and how they stopped the evil spirits (which turned out to be hackers masquerading as ghosts) from haunting our customers.

In addition to clever Halloween puns, you will also gain a better understanding of what techniques adversaries are using to conduct business email compromise (BEC) and how you can stay protected.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Learn about the latest business email compromise (BEC) threats we’re seeing in the wild
  • Understand what indicators of attack (IOA) were uncovered during threat hunting
  • Get insight into how Huntress MDR for Microsoft 365 can monitor and protect your organization from email-based attacks

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Event Speakers

Dray Agha
Herbie Zimmerman
Chris Cochran