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Back to School with Huntress Managed EDR

August 31 | 1PM ET

Sharpen your pencils and pack a lunch box—class is in session and it’s time to learn about Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Hackers love to carry out their exploits unnoticed, and EDR enables you to quickly detect and respond to their threats. A Managed EDR, though, enables you to serve your clients without worrying about every little incident that may arise, and do so while being compliant and cost-effective.


Join us for a webinar where Huntress experts showcase the value of a Managed EDR backed by 24/7 security operations experts. Whether you’re looking to gain greater insight into events, reduce the noise of incidents, or simply improve operational efficiency, Huntress is how you can level up your security strategy and protect your clients.


In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the business and compliance use cases for adopting EDR, and why it doesn't have to be complicated or costly.
  • Watch a simulated attack and walk through investigative playbooks to connect the dots from alert to resolution.
  • See how Huntress analysts move from an alert, to triage, to analysis, and then remediation.
  • Learn why an integrated cybersecurity platform provides greater visibility to human threat analysts to enable faster detection and remediation.

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Event Speakers

Sharon Martin
Max Rogers
Sr. Director of Threat Operations Center
Chris Henderson
Director of Information Security