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The Canary in the Data Mine

There’s a reason ransomware is such a popular form of malware in the modern hacker’s tool belt: it’s effective. The sooner you can detect ransomware, the sooner you can assess the scope of an attack and activate your incident response plan. 

Like the old canary in the coal mine, our Ransomware Canaries enable faster detection of potential ransomware incidents.

When deployed, small lightweight files are placed on all protected endpoints. If those files are modified or changed in any way, an investigation is opened with our Security team to confirm whether those changes are the result of a ransomware infection or malicious encryption.

Defender's Handbook on Ransomware
Defender's Handbook

How Does Ransomware Work? 

Get an end-to-end overview of ransomware - including how it spreads, key terms and definitions, and more. This Defender's Handbook answers key questions such as: 

  • How does ransomware spread on a network? 
  • How can I detect ransomware? 
  • How does ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) work?
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The Huntress Platform

A Bird in the Hand

Once deployed, your Huntress dashboard provides regular status updates to show the number of “armed” and “tripped” canaries—which can be viewed in aggregate or for specific endpoints. With easy access to more detailed reports, insights and remediation actions, your team can confidently respond to potential ransomware attacks—and get rid of ransomware faster.

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