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Huntress vs. CrowdStrike

See why small and midsize businesses choose Huntress Managed EDR over CrowdStrike’s inflexible solutions.

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What Purpose-Built SMB Security Looks Like

See how Huntress Managed Security compares to enterprise-first platforms like CrowdStrike - reviewed by business just like yours.

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Solutions Custom Made for SMBs

Total Cost
of Ownership

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Get Managed EDR with clear, per-endpoint pricing that scales alongside your needs. Plus, get Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring, access to top-of-the-line support, and plenty of other resources included.



Managed security requires at least 300 endpoints and is cost prohibitive. Comes with additional charges for support.

Ease of Use

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Streamlined dashboard is designed for all levels of expertise. Easy to understand remediation reports enable non-cyber experts to remedy issues with exact, accessible instructions.

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Customers report a steep learning curve for cybersecurity experts and non-experts alike. Dashboard is difficult to navigate and not built for the IT generalist.

in Protection

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Know exactly what you’re getting. Huntress Managed EDR doesn’t require any add-ons or extra tiers to protect endpoints. You’re also backed by expert SOC analyst oversight and support at a single price per endpoint.

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CrowdStrike’s 40+ products and bundles create ambiguity of coverage. Many bundles come with trade-offs of coverage, and are priced for larger organizations.

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Huntress vs CrowdStrike: The Value of 24/7 Monitoring and SOC Oversight

Hear how Huntress enables you to quiet the noise and focus on the threats that matter with Managed EDR and the support of our expert SOC.

What Customers Have to Say

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“We partnered with Huntress more than two years ago and haven’t had a single regret. Huntress’ ability to seek out threats on the endpoint, investigate them quickly and provide remediation recommendations gives my team an incredible weapon to deal with live incidents and protect our customers.”

Chris Loehr, EVP, CTO

Solis Security

Todd HansnickiGlitch effect

“Huntress has a fantastic product and the team to back it up. Huntress makes it simple and straightforward to manage the EDR and AV side of our security stack. Having every new process or unknown file be investigated by their SOC team is incredibly reassuring.”

Todd Hansnicki, Director

Evolved Technology

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“Huntress filters out all the noise. Their SOC team does a remarkable job of verifying threats and only sending alerts when they need our attention or action. Our techs know that when an alert from Huntress comes through, they better look at it.”

Tom Noon, VP of Operations

Blue Tree Technology

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The Huntress Managed Security Platform

What small- to mid-sized businesses and MSPs alike are saying about Huntress Managed EDR.

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Forget Build-Your-Own Security

To tackle today’s threats, you need a custom-built solution that isn’t reliant on add-ons and exorbitant pricing. Protect your business with Huntress’ single-tier Managed EDR.

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