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for Healthcare

Protecting under served, understaffed and under attack health systems with managed detection and response for endpoints, email, and employees. With over 71M individual health records breached this year through August 2023, you may need a second (or third) pair of eyes.

Protecting Health Systems

Hacker morality has changed. Where hackers would leave healthcare providers alone, now, they are under attack - disrupting patient care, leaving your facility open to liability, and crippling IT teams. Preventative tools are an important part of any security stack, but only part of the solution. When hackers get smarter, your threat detection has to improve and your employees have to be more savvy in order to harden your security posture and protect your patients and your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Huntress Security Awareness Training (SAT) delivers an engaging, memorable series of story-based episodes to transform your security culture. We also include phishing simulations to help your learners practice their new skills, and reports that highlight results. Our training enables users to become more cyber savvy in the fight against bad actors. Check out our HIPAA security training episode.

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