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Enhancing Cybersecurity for MSPs in Australia and New Zealand


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Enhancing Cybersecurity for MSPs in Australia and New Zealand

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Recently, we held our first ANZ-focused fireside chat, aimed at helping MSPs across ANZ elevate their cybersecurity offerings and conversations with their customers. We were joined by three of the most innovative MSP operators in the industry (who are also Huntress partners, of course), including Tom Buckley (MD at All IT Services), Daniel Church (MD at DJC Systems), and Jake Kier (GM at DJC Systems).

Our conversation shed light on the challenges and opportunities for MSPs in Australia and New Zealand, highlighting the need for continuous adaptation and education to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

You can watch the recording here, or keep reading for an in-depth recap. 

Evolution of Cybersecurity in Managed Services

Tom Buckley, a seasoned IT services provider and technician, kicked off the discussion by reflecting on the journey ALL IT Services had taken in cybersecurity over the last five years. For Tom and his business, historically, cybersecurity was bundled with other services, making discussions challenging. However, as the threat landscape evolved, they transitioned to separate cybersecurity services, providing a more focused approach. This shift allowed them to maintain value even as managed services prices decreased.

Daniel Church shared a similar perspective, stressing the importance of treating cybersecurity as a distinct service and continuously adapting to industry changes.

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Staying Agile in the Face of Change

Daniel and Jake from DJC Systems highlighted the importance of continuous reinvention in technology and managed services. They noted that the pace of technological change is only accelerating, making agility a key asset in ensuring that your business is the Netflix—not the Blockbuster. Selecting the right security tools and solutions is key to this agility, with an emphasis on avoiding overwhelming complexity.

Educating Clients for Success

The panel agreed on the importance of education in client engagement. Instead of just “selling,” they focus on educating clients about cybersecurity risks and the consequences of breaches, using real-world scenarios and cost implications.

The panel stressed the need to help clients understand the risks they face and the layers of protection required, using analogies and storytelling real-world examples to underscore the implications, likelihood, and consequences of cyberattacks. They also highlighted the importance of clearly defining what is included in their cybersecurity services and contracts, aligning them with cyber insurance and ensuring that your customers know what is NOT included in their cybersecurity services. 

Pro Tip: To learn more about client-friendly security sales strategies, download our Guide to Selling Cybersecurity.

Building Strong Cybersecurity Strategies

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The discussion then delved into the essential aspects of cybersecurity strategy for MSPs. Through strategy, planning, and education, MSP owners can clarify what they are taking care of and have foresight into any potential risks or vulnerabilities. It's also critical to define both inclusions and exclusions in a cybersecurity offering, which will help ensure that clients are well informed about the services provided and save troublesome conversations if a client is breached.

Overall, the fireside chat panel agreed on the growing need for MSPs in Australia and New Zealand to adapt their cybersecurity solutions to clients' specific needs while providing clear, comprehensive guidance on security frameworks and the associated benefits. Continuous education and adaptation are essential in navigating the dynamic landscape of managed services and cybersecurity, ensuring that MSPs remain at the forefront of protecting their clients' digital assets while also building profitable and scalable IT service offerings.

Want to hear all the insight from our fireside chat? Watch the full recording here.

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