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A Sneak Peek at hack_it 2022

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We’re super excited to announce that hack_it is back! hack_it teaches hacker tradecraft and helps us defenders see cybersecurity from a different perspective. This year's event will be held November 14 - 16, 2022

We host hack_it not only because we're huge cybersecurity nerds but also because cyber education and awareness are things we're super passionate about. We're all about providing the community with actionable cyber training and practical resources like hack_it. 

October may be dedicated to cybersecurity awareness, but we all know cyber awareness and training can't just happen one month out of the year. 😉 Cue hack_it 2022! 

What Is hack_it?

Just in case you’ve never attended before, hack_it is our free, multi-day training event dedicated to understanding hacker tradecraft. Throughout this three-day event, you'll hear from our CEO (Kyle Hanslovan), Senior Security Researcher (John Hammond), Researcher Tech Lead (Dave Kleinatland) and some of our friends in the industry as they walk you through these educational sessions that aim to help us all better understand modern threat actors and tradecraft. 

(Optional) 0-Day Training Lab

Looking for a more hands-on approach? We’re bringing back our 0-Day training lab! In this half-day session, we’ll look at both sides of the cyber game and figure out how to identify and respond to attacks and breaches. 

This lab is 100% optional but does require you to sign up to save your spot. The cost of this session ($99) covers your entire virtual setup. 

This Year's Sessions

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A Game of Hacker Guess Who

Day 1.0 and Day 2.0 of hack_it 2022 will kick off with a fun, interactive session, led by Kyle Hanslovan, CEO and co-founder of Huntress. During this Guess Who-style interactive session, we’ll take a deeper look into the cliche hacker stereotype and uncover the true face of modern-day cybercriminals. 

Audience participation is encouraged during this session, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact and network with your cyber colleagues. 

So, find out once and for all how well you really know your enemy!


Section - hack_it 2022 Session 2

Don't Let the Buzzwords Fool You

Our panelists will discuss all the latest trends and industry shills live during this session of hack_it 2022. It's time we hold the industry accountable, debunk these attention-grabbing buzzwords and figure out what's true and what's not. 

This session will give you the chance to reclaim the sales and marketing conversion and navigate the slew of sales pitches to truly put these vendors’ bold claims to the test. 


Section - hack_it 2022 Session 3

DLLs, Hijinks and Hijacks—Oh My

In this session, we'll wrap up hack_it 2022 and give you the chance to get your hands dirty! This technical, hands-on session will dig into recent vulnerabilities discovered in RMM tools. We’ll take a real look at the process of hunting for DLL hijacking bugs and introduce you to resources to aid your own security research. 

We’d love you to join us this year as we all put our hacker hats on and start thinking like hackers!

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