How could we say no?

How Huntress helps PriorityOne Group protect their Healthcare Clients

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PriorityOne Group

Ninety five percent of our client base is healthcare organizations. For us, it was very important, because it's a highly regulated industry, that we make security a huge priority for them.

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Before Huntress, the  focus was on endpoint security. We had our firewalls and we had web filtering as part of that. But those were preventative type of solutions.

So what happens when something is compromised and we don't know about it?

How do we ensure that there's something in place to protect our clients? Huntress provided us with a different outtake on how we could protect our clients. The product was powerful in how it provided very valuable information. Having that interaction, real time, if something suspicious was happening and to alert our staff to understand, exactly what was going on and what the remediation was very important.

And that's one of the big things that we felt Huntress, was a huge value, not just for us to manage our client security, but for our clients themselves.

For the remediation side, can tell you from our experience, has been wonderful. To have that peace of mind that if you know that something is going on that's malicious and to get that phone call or that email and having that interaction with that representative from Huntress to say, "here's what's going on. Here's what you need to get done. Make sure you call us back if there's if there's an issue or if you need a little bit more help."

Having that accountability to get, you know, to get those issues, to us and be able to resolve them is was was pretty big. Huntress, the product itself speaks for itself. I think that those of you who are gonna evaluate the product, you'll soon see that once you have those results and how quickly you can resolve those, it's eye opening.

So for us, when we saw that, how could we say no?

PriorityOne Group
PriorityOne Group
Colorado, United States

PriorityOne Group is a regional foodservice equipment sales, repair and maintenance company. With two divisions, Colorado and New Mexico, we provide customers with a regional partner capable of servicing an entire commercial kitchen. Each PriorityOne division operates three functional departments: Beverage & Espresso, Refrigeration & Cooking and Water Filtration, with each offering equipment sales, repair and maintenance.

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