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Staying a step ahead of adversaries isn’t just an advantage; it's a necessity. So, ask yourself: Are you truly prepared to face today's cyber threats?

Enter Huntress’ SMB Threat Report, your blueprint in navigating the ever-evolving SMB threat landscape. This isn’t just another threat report; it’s a strategic asset designed to empower you with crucial insights into the latest adversary trends, patterns, and behaviors, specifically tailored to what’s targeting SMBs.

Key Report Findings:

  • Think malware is all there is to worry about? 56% of incidents are effectively “malware free.”
  • Adversaries are weaponizing the tools you rely on. 65% of incidents involve threat actors exploiting RMM software.
  • Ransomware isn't just about known entities. 60% of ransomware incidents are from unknown or “defunct” strains.

Don’t miss your chance to gain the knowledge needed to understand and outsmart the threats lurking in the SMB shadows.

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