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Removing the Guesswork from the Attack

New tools to infiltrate environments and exfiltrate sensitive data and money are released every day. But, while the tools often change, attacks are usually built on the same techniques that have been around for years. 

Attackers leverage many techniques to achieve their goals, like making their targets slip up and run a malicious process on their behalf, hiding malware in a document, or exploiting a vulnerability through another piece of software. Thankfully, when hackers weaponize legitimate software, they leave traces in the system we can follow.

The malicious process behavior feature included in Huntress Managed EDR analyzes all processes running on a system and looks for suspicious activity. This could consist of processes that are spawning from illegitimate programs or, in a lot of cases, legitimate programs used in the wrong way. Our SOC analysts will investigate suspicious behavior, create custom incident reports, and provide one-click approval for remediation.

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The Huntress Platform

Control What’s Running in Your Environment.

Through continual monitoring and deep visibility into the processes running in an environment, you can take back control of your endpoints and prevent attackers from doing any damage.

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