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MDR for

Microsoft 365

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for threats against your Microsoft 365 environment, backed by Huntress’ 24/7 SOC.

Real-time Microsoft 365 Cyber Defense

Real-time Microsoft 365 Cyber Defense

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a growing threat to businesses of all sizes. BEC attacks involve fraudulent emails to trick individuals into sending money or sensitive information to threat actors. These attacks can be highly convincing and difficult to detect, often suggesting urgency and involving impersonating a trusted contact or using compromised credentials to gain access to sensitive data.

MDR for Microsoft 365

Continuously monitors for indications and behaviors of a BEC attack, like a user logging in from a suspicious location or a malicious email forwarding rule. The Huntress Security Operations Center (SOC) reviews any detections, instantly isolating any compromised users and supplies a semi-automated remediation plan for further necessary actions.

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Collect The Huntress Microsoft 365  integration continuously captures user actions within the tenant, including policy changes, successful logins and more.
Detect Huntress SOC Analysts are armed with custom-tuned detection logic to review all collected data and spot suspicious behavioral patterns and activities that must be investigated.
Analyze Huntress SOC Analysts dive deeper into the continuous stream of data to confirm whether the activity is malicious, eliminating noise and false positives.
Report An incident report is provided to you that summarizes our findings and outlines the next steps that need to be taken. These can be delivered via email or through your ticketing system.
Remediate Often a single click is all it takes to execute our recommended automated remediation steps. Any required manual steps will also be provided in detail.

Increased Visibility. Decreased Risk.

The MDR for Microsoft 365 dashboard visualizes ongoing user activity and detects suspicious behaviors across Microsoft 365 tenants, highlighting which users may be most at risk of a security incident. If the Huntress SOC validates a detection as true-positive, an incident is raised using the same integrations as other Huntress services.


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