Managed EDR: 
Built to Save Your Ass

The Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Tool, backed by our 24/7 Security Operations Center, that's made to save your business, clients, and anything else that might need saving, from cyber threats.

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Unmasking Cyber Villians

There’s always something new in the world of tradecraft and cyber threats. For small and medium-sized businesses though, these surprises are never welcome. But you can stay ready when you have a trusted partner at your side. See how Cascade Technologies was notified about the presence of a remote access Trojan and how the Huntress 24/7 security operations team was able to respond before there was any serious impact.

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An EDR Tool Made With SMBs in Mind

Managed EDR offers unrivaled endpoint visibility and threat detection on a single, fully-managed platform – all powered by our 24/7 Security Operations Center. Between monitoring for malicious processes, creating comprehensive views of attacks in real time, and providing actionable remediation steps for swift response, Managed EDR offers the security and tools to not only save your ass from threats, but enables you to kick some yourself.

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The Huntress Managed Security Platform

What small- to mid-sized businesses and MSPs alike are saying about Huntress Managed EDR.

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G2 Award - EDR - Leader Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Usability Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Results Spring 2024G2 Award - EDR - Best Relationship Spring 2024
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Protect What Matters

Secure endpoints, email, and employees with the power of our 24/7 SOC. Try Huntress for free and deploy in minutes to start fighting threats.

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