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T-Shirt Giveaway Terms Of Service

Terms & Conditions

  • The t-shirt giveaway is only valid for referrals who have not deployed a Huntress trial in the last 12 months.
  • T-shirt giveaway will happen upon completion of a successful trial with at least 100 agents deployed. A trial is deemed successful when a deployment of at least 100 agents either lasts a) 21 days continuous calendar days or b) Huntress detects 3 critical incidents within the 21 day trial period or c) referral purchases Huntress
  • The t-shirt giveaway can only be claimed by a single Huntress user of the member account (e.g. company X’s signup can't be claimed by company X's user A and user B—only one of these).
  • T-shirt giveaway promotion ends December 31, 2021.
  • T-shirt giveaway cannot be retroactively applied.
  • T-shirt design and style may vary based on inventory available at time of completion. 
  • US and Canada residents are eligible.
  • No purchase necessary to participate.
  • Program rules, terms and conditions, and duration are subject to change without notice.