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Make the Switch to Huntress Managed Antivirus

Save time, money and resources by using Huntress’ 24/7 Threat Operations Center to manage Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

279k+ Endpoints Using Huntress Managed Antivirus
99.6% Percent of AV Alerts Handled by Huntress Without Partner Intervention
430+ MAV Incidents Analyzed in Last 90 Days

Partners are Making the Switch

Read why your peers are confident using Huntress Managed Antivirus to secure their clients.

David Ostrum IT Technician CyberSyte
“Huntress Managed Antivirus doesn’t just protect our assets—it makes us better as an MSP through expert instructions, information and remediation. Threats can’t hide from Huntress. Managed Antivirus immediately added value by finding threats that were confirmed by the Huntress 24/7 ThreatOps team. We are confident in the combination of Huntress and Microsoft Defender to protect our clients."
Chris Horning AtNetPlus
“We have saved a significant amount of money by using Huntress Managed Antivirus. We were spending several hours a week installing, maintaining and troubleshooting our previous third-party antivirus program. Using Defender, we’ve been able to cut maintenance and troubleshooting time down tremendously. The reliability of Huntress and Defender working together to catch infections our old AV might have missed is truly invaluable.”
Jon Shults President Binnacle Technologies
"Microsoft Defender is extremely effective, and our clients understand it without any training. The additional security of Huntress and their 24/7 ThreatOps team ensures that our endpoints are secure without interfering with user productivity."

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Common Questions & Objections

We’ve designed Managed Antivirus to be easy to use, and to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible when switching from other solutions. Exclusions can be set at an account, organization or host level, and we offer a set of Huntress-recommended default settings that you can easily apply to provide a secure foundation for your configuration.

The time it takes to transfer your existing exclusions and configurations will vary depending on the quantity you have to transfer over. However in the Managed Antivirus dashboard, you can easily manage and change your configurations as necessary. Additionally, Huntress filters out false-positive alerts and only sends you confirmed alerts. Having our ThreatOps team at your back adds an additional layer of peace of mind and eliminates much of the fine-tuning and tweaking needed in self-managed tools.

Like all of our platform features, Managed Antivirus is included with the cost of your Huntress subscription—no additional fees or add-ons needed. And since it’s using a built-in Windows OS resource, it’s a great way to squeeze more value from your existing investments and free up budget for other efforts!

Managed Antivirus offers next-gen AV functionality that can extend your frontline protection—but we know our partners are in need of advanced EDR capabilities that extend beyond AV. Our Process Insights feature is currently available in beta and delivers the added advanced endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities backed by Huntress ThreatOps.

Yes—but it’s our team doing the heavy lifting, not yours. Like all Huntress features, Managed Antivirus is backed by our team of 24/7 threat hunters and security analysts, so we’re the ones sifting through alerts and only escalating the issues that require your attention.(We’re trying to really deliver on the “Managed” part of Managed Antivirus).

And when alerts do come your way, our easy-to-understand incident reports enable even non-security professionals to swiftly respond.

There’s a lot of great third-party validation (AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives) highlighting Defender’s position as an effective NGAV offering. Like other NGAVs, Defender looks beyond file signatures on an endpoint and looks at behavior, processes and other inputs.

Additionally, by living at the OS level it’s truly integrated and removes layers of abstraction found with other preventive endpoint solutions. Defender also contains information about the wide Windows family install base, which helps power security intelligence that’s essential in a strong antivirus solution. 

You can find a bit more information from Microsoft about this here.

And of course, another major differentiator here is Huntress’ management of Microsoft Defender. Unlike unmanaged antivirus products that require significant time and resource investment to fine-tune, remove false positives, etc., Huntress does the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve created a quick-start guide to walk you through the entire process and keep things simple! Click here to view it. If you’ve got additional questions or are concerned about not having the resources needed to migrate, get in touch with us and we’ll work with you directly to build a plan.

How to Switch to Huntress Managed Antivirus

You’re just three steps away from deploying Managed Antivirus and having our 24/7 threat hunters at your back. 

Quick Start Guide