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between Huntress and SentinelOne?

Mid-market/SMBs and Service Providers choose Huntress to set the managed EDR standard.

Before you make a decision, check out these 5 capabilities before considering SentinelOne.



Hands off Management

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Huntress ThreatOps always have your back, no upselling, no hidden costs, just Managed solutions, everytime.


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Management is an additional cost, to Manage the solution on your own requires a MASSIVE overhead in labor and knowledge.

Detection enhanced by human insight

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Anything that doesn’t pass the ‘smell test’ from our Detection Engine, immediately gets sent to a human being for additional testing and validation, using our years of experience to whittle down the noise.


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AI and Machine Learning heavy, relying on automation and playbooks to make the judgement call on malicious events, this allows for more False Positives to make their way to you, increasing the overall noise.

Step-by-step remediated solutions

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Our Human ThreatOps Analysts write up responses with full remediation guidance and in the cases where possible, provide a 'one click' remediation button to clear up the malicious event.


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Automated responses written by the AI/ML components within the solution, leading to something being created that needs additional understanding to fully comprehend and action.

24/7 Capabilities that won’t burn out your IT team


24/7 ThreatOps analysts take action on cyber threats and automatically isolate hosts during a major incident. Take the burden off your IT teams without additional support, SOC contracts or packages.


Without the management add-on, around-the-clock alerting and reporting fall on your IT team’s responsibility—no matter what time of day or night it is.

Simplify updates with the Huntress agent


Experience effortless automatic and automated updates with our super lightweight agent. Huntress adapts and improves functionality and capabilities to make your life easier.


The agent doesn’t receive any automatic updates. Anytime an update is released, the Endpoints and Servers running the agent need an update pushed to them manually or through a third-party tool.

Ready to Experience peace of mind with Huntress?

The experts at Huntress are strong believers in managed EDR—now they want you to experience the agent firsthand. Save a set for a real-time demonstration thwarting threats Huntress has encountered out in the wild.

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The Time for EDR Comparison is Now

At Huntress, we know how much time and energy goes into researching the EDR solution. (And how many products that look good but don't live up to their promises). That's why we carefully picked and curated these side-by-side comparisons to help you save time and money.

Huntress Managed EDR and her savvy team of ThreatOps works with your business at every stage.


Your one-stop guide to buying the right EDR

So many EDR options to choose from—but not all of them are made for small and mid-sized businesses. Huntress specialists have answered everything you need in The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to EDR. 

Simplify what EDR is with clear expectations about: 

  • What capabilities to consider (and avoid) when searching for your ideal solution.
  • The differences between managed and unmanaged EDR offerings.
  • How to properly evaluate your EDR needs

Download the Ultimate Buyer's Guide


You should know: Not all managed EDR is created equally

You've probably noticed a lot of EDR solutions claim to be "managed" when in reality, they're not taking care of you like a(n) authentic EDR should. Not all are created with small to medium-sized businesses in mind, either. 

It's easier to spot the red flags of a shady-managed EDR after you check out this blog post.

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Client crisis averted: How Clear Guidance Partners halted dangerous ransomware with Huntress

"This attack could have been a lot worse than it was," revealed Anthony Cabral, CISO at Clear Guidance Partners.

When Huntress' Managed EDR capabilities provide you with an added layer of security, active ransomware attacks won't stand a chance. 

See how they got back up and running

warning triangle in cyberspace

Cybersecurity meets fun on Tradecraft Tuesday

Hacking techniques. Tech talk. Breaking security news. 

Come hang with Huntress founders and members of the threat-hunting team. Once a month, experts will give you an inside look at a hacker's intuition—and what you can do to stop them.

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