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Defend Your Business This Holiday Season

If you’re preparing for a spike in sales this holiday season, it’s critical that you prepare for a spike in cyber attacks as well. Business email compromise, due to phishing and credential theft, is a massive concern for retailers during the holiday rush—but you can fight back with Huntress MDR for Microsoft 365.

  • Collect: MDR for Microsoft 365 continuously monitors for suspicious indicators and behaviors of a potential compromise
  • Detect: Our 24/7 SOC reviews all collected data to spot behavioral patterns and activities that must be investigated
  • Analyze: Data is human-validated by SOC analysts to confirm malicious activity, minimizing false positives
  • Report: An incident report is sent via email or ticketing system that summarizes our findings and outlines the next steps
  • Remediate: Recommended remediation steps can often be executed in one click, with full details on any manual steps required
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Voice of The Customer


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"During the trial process, we made enough money to pay for Huntress for three months—it paid for itself within two days. We’ve worked closely with a lot of the different teams from Huntress, and everybody’s awesome! They’re probably our favorite vendor to work with.”

Keenan Cline | Lightbulb Networks

Huntress By The Numbers

2M+ Endpoints Monitored
7M+ Autoruns Scanned
101K+ Incidents Reports Sent
Configuration <1% of CPU and 20MB of RAM
No impact on system performance
Upward Trend Deploy in <20 Minutes
Install fast
Network Zero Disruptions Silent installation with no interference, conflict or end user visibility
Update 1-Click Uninstall Remove the agent in one click