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Next Episode: Building a Security Sales Strategy
September 21 | 1:00pm ET

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September: Building a Security Sales Strategy

Talking about your security offering with customers doesn't have to be anxiety-inducing. Building a sales playbook prepares your team to confidently discuss your security offering with new and existing customers. Your peers will share how they handle objections, explain mid-year price increases, and more.

October: Using Frameworks to Sell Security

Leveraging a cybersecurity framework to build your security stack ensures you have a well layered approach. But what about using those same frameworks to help your customers understand why buying that stack is important? Walking your customers through an established framework will not only educate them on the security risks, but also show them the value of your services.

November: The Process Part of People, Process, and Technology

Your business relies on People, Process, and Technology to support your customers. Keeping the process part of that list current can help the people and the technology operate more efficiently and avoid costly security missteps.

December: How to Host an Event

Hosting your own local events can increase your brand recognition and drive new opportunities, but executing those virtual and in-person events can be daunting. Join us to learn how to build your own successful events for 2024.


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